Pastoral Guidelines for Prevention of the Spread of Novel Coronavirus Infection

2020/01/27 - 2020/02/15 | 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

27 Jan 2020

  1. Parishioners who feel unwell SHOULD NOT COME for mass. Those who have been to regions affected by the the Novel Coronavirus Infection within fourteen days, or have been in contact with people suspected to be infected should STAY HOME and rest.
  1. Parishioner should PUT on a self-provided SURGICAL MASK before attending mass at the Church.
  1. As a temporary measure, the Church will NOT provide:
    • Holy water
    • Mass booklet &
    • Hymns book.
  1. Sunday collections would be taken up during the “Parish Announcements.”
  1. Give Holy Communion under one species only, the Host, and all parishioner should receive Holy Communion only in the hand.



Confessionals rooms at church will be closed.  Please make appointment with a priest and proceed “face-to-face” confessions at Hall with fresh air and ventilation.

Surgical mask must be worn for both priest and penitent.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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Chancery Notice Regarding New Coronavirus 27 Jan 2020