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2019-Dec-31 English Mass @ SMC

2019-Apr-20 Holy Saturday @ SMC

2019-Apr-19 Good Friday @ SMC Hall

2019-Apr-18 Holy Thursday @ SMC Hall

2019-Apr-14 Palm Sunday

2019-Apr-13 Palm Sunday (Anticipated)

2019-Feb-10 Lunar New Year celebration @ SMC

2018-Dec-30 SMC Baby Baptism

2018-Dec-29 Holy Family

2018-Dec-25 Christmas Party

2018-Dec-24 Midnight Mass

2018-Dec-23 Ruttonjee Hospital Visit

2018-Dec-22 Wish Upon A Christmas Tree

2018-Oct-21 SMC Baby Baptism – 1 of 3

2018-Oct-21 SMC Baby Baptism – 2 of 3

2018-Oct-21 SMC Baby Baptism – 3 of 3

2018-Oct-13 SMC Feast Day Dinner – 1 of 2

2018-Oct-13 SMC Feast Day Dinner – 2 of 2

2018-Oct-13 SMC Feast Day Mass

2018-Sep-23 SMC Quarterly English Community Party

2018-Jun-10 SMC Quarterly English Community Party

2018-May-20 SMC Confirmation of 31

2018-May-06 First Holy communion of 26

2018-Apr-21 St. Paul’s Hospital 120th Anniversary Thanksgiving Mass

2018-Apr-02 Easter Monday

2018-Apr-01 Easter Sunday Party

2018-Mar-31 SMC Easter Vigil (15 Baptism & 6 Confirmation)

2018-Mar-30 Good Friday

2018-Mar-29 Holy Thursday

2018-Mar-25 Palm Sunday

2018-Feb-18 SMC Lunar New Year celebrations

2017-Jun-4 SMC Confirmation of 25

2017-Jun-3 Vocations Mass 聖召感恩祭

2017-Jun-3 Vocation Celebration Dinner 1 聖召慶典聚餐

2017-Jun-3 Vocation Celebration Dinner 2

2017-Jun-3-Vocation Celebration Dinner 3

2017-May-21 SMC 1st Holy Communion

2017-Apr-23 Five Baptisms

2017-Apr-17 Easter Monday

2017-Apr-16 Easter Sunday

2017-Apr-15 Holy Saturday

2017-Apr-14 Good Friday

2017-Apr-13 Holy Thursday

2016-Dec-25 SMC Baby Baptism on 25 Dec 2016

2016-Dec-25 English speaking community Christmas Party

2016 Easter Mass

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