7th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (A) 23 February 2020

CelebrantChallenged by Christ our Lord to “be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect,” we bring our needs to that Father who is kind and merciful.


READER: For all God’s people as they try to live his law of love, especially here in our community, (Pause) LET US PRAY TO THE LORD.


READER:  For religious, ethnic and cultural groups divided by mistrust, hatred and misunderstanding that God can heal these divisions, (Pause) LET US PRAY TO THE LORD.

READER: For all our enemies and anyone who may have wronged us or hurt us deliberately, that forgiveness can wash over us. (Pause) LET US PRAY TO THE LORD.


READER: For the ill and the infirm in our families and among our friends and neighbours during the time of this virus, (Pause) LET US PRAY TO THE LORD.


READER:  For those who have asked for our prayers, and for those have died in the peace of Christ, (Pause) LET US PRAY TO THE LORD.


CELEBRANT:  Lord of all peoples and nations, as we pray for these intentions, help us to grow together; help us to overcome hostility and conflict. We ask this, through Christ, our Lord, (all) AMEN.

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