Parish message of the week,

  1. The Caritas Bazaar is being held today, November 12 at Victoria Park. Please consider taking time today to go with family and friends to support this annual event and support also the great work of CARITAS in our diocese. Look for our parish youth group’s booths # 45-54 in 3rd
  2. To respond to an increased need in our English parish community, we are asking for volunteers both from among parishioners as well as those who were or are in the current RCIA groups to form an “Events-Hospitality” committee. We will have a form for Registering available at the Reception Desk after the Mass today.
  3. There will be a minor renovation in the Church from 13 to 17 Nov, 2017. For your own safety, you are advised to leave the church before 8:45 am on those days.
  4. The parish social care group will co-operate with the St. James Settlement in Wan Chai to “visit the elderly living alone.” We are now recruiting volunteers who will be serving in teams of two visiting once a month.  For convenience of the elderly, each volunteer is encouraging to serve at least 6 visits.  Interested parties, please enroll at the Reception Desk at Parish centre.
  5. The new youth space of the parish will be opened on December 10, you are invited to name this space. Those who are interested please submit the completed form to the Reception Desk on/before 20 Nov 2017.
  6. Our parish will sponsor Christmas caroling on the 16th and 17th of December at St. Paul’s Hospital, Ruttonjee Hospital and Tung Wah Eastern hospital, Those interested in joining or in making a donation to support this activity can get information at the Reception Desk.
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